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Misty Woodland


Groundbreaking research and biotechnologies for organ Repair, Remodeling, and Regeneration


Our collaborative research group is developing a system capable of prolonged normothermic organ support by harnessing the systemic regulation of the body. Previously, there was no device capable of maintaining lungs outside the body for longer than a few hours.


Now, we can extend the duration of lung support to several days.


This radical advance allows for interventional therapies, functional recovery, cellular regeneration, and whole organ bioengineering that can facilitate the utilization of more donor lungs than ever before. Through this work, we have also developed enabling technologies, including an airway cell replacement device, lung sealant, and non-invasive lung imaging diagnostics.

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We explore bioengineered solutions inspired by nature. 

Driven by the urgent need to expand the pool of donor lungs, our team of surgeons and bioengineers set out to develop an organ rescue platform. Melding nature, science, and creativity to promote natural mechanisms of organ repair, we aim to alleviate the donor lung shortage by enabling the recovery of life-saving organs that are otherwise not usable, and give patients a new chance at life.



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"What humankind can dream,

research and technology can achieve"

C. Walton Lillehei

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